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So, you might ask …….How EXACTLY does this work? ……….Is there any PROOF that it actually works?



If you have read my reviews or spoke with anyone who has worked with me, you know then, that this type of therapy is EXTREMELY effective. For many of my clients, it has literally changed their life!

The work that I do helps you in breaking the habit of being yourself. It helps you to “lose your mind” and create a new one.

My sessions are customized for your specific issue. I use multiple modalities to bring about desired results quickly and effectively.


The information that I provide to you during a session actually begins to create physical changes in the brain. Hypnosis helps you to learn this information more easily and helps you to be able to align your behaviors with your mind and body. This alignment allows for a new experience. (The desired result)

When you are able to experience the desired change (a new experience), a chemical reaction occurs in the brain and you begin to FEEL the results of your efforts. When this occurs, you are teaching your body chemically what your mind already understands intellectually. - Knowing is for the mind. Experience is for the body.

When your body begins to experience the desired behavior (along with your mind) and continues to experience the results – It then becomes a skill or habit that is practiced so many times that the body and mind become one and things become natural.


Thoughts affect the body….. Feelings affect the brain.

The average person has 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day. Ninety percent of those thoughts are the same as the day before. The same thoughts lead to the same choices. The same choices lead to the same behaviors. The same behaviors will always create the same experiences.  The same experiences will always create the same emotions – and those same emotions drive our thoughts.

Your biology, neurocircuitry, neurochemistry, neurohormones, and even genetic expression stay exactly equal to how you think, act , and feel. How you think, act, and feel equals your personality. Your personality creates your personal reality. So, to change your personal reality – You have to change your personality. Most people try to change their personal reality with the SAME personality and it doesn’t work!  Literally, you have to become someone else.

You have to start thinking about what you have been thinking about and start to become conscious of your unconscious behaviors and modify them.

You have to look at the emotions that keep you connected to past experiences and decide which ones belong in your future.



A habit is a redundant set of automatic unconscious thoughts, behaviors and emotions that are acquired through frequent repetition. (When you have done something so many times that your body knows how to do it as well as your mind.) So, if you are thinking the same thoughts 90% of the time as the day before – you are demonstrating the same behaviors 90% of the time and you are embracing the same emotions as the day before 90%of the time. Over time, in the brain, you begin to fire the same circuits in the same sequences and patterns and in the same combinations.

A principle in Neuroscience has proven that nerve cells that fire together - wire together. So, as you think the same thoughts that lead to the same choices - those thoughts produce the same behaviors that lead to the same experiences – which ultimately produce the same emotions that lead to the same results.  In time, you begin to hardwire your brain into the same finite pattern.

Most people by the age of 35 have become a set of memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, unconscious attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a subconscious computer program.95% of who you are by the age of 35 comes from a memorized state of being that your body is now doing better than your brain.


If and when you learn something new, you add a new “stitch” to the grey matter of the brain. If you begin to think about what you have learned, you cause your brain to fire in new sequences, new patterns, in new combinations. Whenever you make your brain work differently, you are literally changing your mind. The mind is the brain in action.

New thoughts lead to new choices. New Choices lead to new behaviors. New behaviors create new experiences. New experiences create new emotions. New emotions inspire new thoughts. That, my friend, is RESULTS!



The process of change requires you becoming conscious of your unconscious self.

(All of your thoughts are equal to your emotional states. All of your behaviors are equal to your emotions.)

You think the same thoughts every day……. and demonstrate the same behaviors by complaining and blaming and making excuses for yourself. These emotions of suffering lead to guilt and make you feel bad. …………When you feel bad, that causes you to no longer want to get up and do things ……and all of a sudden you become conscious that you are in that “state” that you want to change …….So, you decide in that moment that you are no longer going to think the same way, or act the same way, or feel the same way……..Great! …….So, for example…….Two hours go by …….and things are going pretty well……but remember…….You have conditioned your body to become the mind of that person who is the victim / the person suffering …..and now, as you begin to interrupt that chemical continuity between your brain and body ……the body starts to send signals back to the brain …..and all of a sudden you begin to hear the thoughts in your head chattering and saying – “ This is uncomfortable!”, “Why don’t you start tomorrow?”, “This doesn’t feel right!”, “It’s my parent’s fault!”, ”Things will never change!” – That is the body trying to unseat the mind and turn back to its’ familiar state.



The moment that you decide to no longer think the same way, no longer make the same choice, no longer act the same way, no longer create the same experience, or no longer live by the same emotions – It is going to get uncomfortable. It is going to feel unfamiliar. There is going to be a certain amount of uncertainty and unpredictability and – The moment that you feel uncomfortable, you just stepped into the river of CHANGE!

Most people, when they begin to feel uncomfortable, return back to the familiar state of mind and body – Thinking the same way, acting the same way and feeling the same way – and they say “This feels right” – NO! – That is what feels familiar!

Going from the “old self” to the “new self” is the neurological, is the chemical, is the biological, is the hormonal, even the genetic - DEATH of the old self.  – That void, that place of uncertainty, that unknown - is the PERFECT place to create the NEW self.

Most people say that when they are in that “unknown” – “I can’t predict my future”, “This doesn’t feel right”. I am here to tell you that – The best way to predict your future is to CREATE it – NOT in the known – but in the unknown.




What about, if you asked yourself now …..What thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain?......What behaviors do I want to demonstrate?

If you were to close your eyes and begin to think about how you are going to act. ….The mere act of mentally rehearsing who you are going to be – begins to install the neurological circuits in your brain to look like the experience has already occurred.

What that means is ….The brain is primed in its circuitry to no longer be living in the past, but now live in the future. You can now teach your body emotionally what the future could feel like now.



What if you were able to cultivate the emotional state AHEAD of the actual experience? ….Then, the emotion that you are creating of health, wealth, leadership, patience, a new loving relationship, etc. …. means that your body is the unconscious mind and does not know the difference between the actual experience in your life that creates the emotion and an emotion that you can create by thought alone. …. To the body, it is EXACTLY the same.

Then, your body, all of a sudden – is emotionally living in the future instead of living in the past.



Can you believe in a future that you can’t see or experience with your senses yet? ….But that you have thought about enough times in your mind that your brain is literally changed to look like the experience has already occurred?

Latest research in Neuroscience says that you can literally change your brain just by thinking differently. You can begin to select a new possibility that already exists and begin to emotionally embrace that future reality, to such a degree, that your body begins to believe that it is living in that future reality in the present moment.

As this happens, you are signaling new pathways in the brain that go out to your body and your body begins to change any unwanted behaviors.

When your brain and body are physically changed - and there is physical evidence to look like the experience has already occurred – This is the moment to RELAX! – Because the experience is going to find YOU and leave no doubt that what you did inside of you is what produced the results you were looking for. You will then pay attention to what you did and you will do it again and again. THAT IS HUMAN EMPOWERMENT!


So, you might ask .... Can you help me with my situation? ….

I believe that there is not a person on this planet - that is so special – to be excluded from this equation.

I have helped hundreds of people to profoundly transform their lives. (Please check my testimonials)


So, To Wrap It Up ……..

The process of change requires learning and re-learning. It requires breaking the habits of the “old “ self and reinventing a “new” self. – What is called in Neuroscience – “pruning “ the old connections and “sprouting” new connections. Un-memorizing emotions that are stored in the body and reconditioning the body to a new mind and new emotion.

In other words ……….De-program and Re-program.

Lose your mind and create a new one.

Go from the “old” self to the “new” self.


I invite you to schedule a free consultation to discuss any thoughts, habits, or behaviors that you have decided that no longer belong in your future. I will help you to break free from those things that have anchored you to your past.

Have you suffered enough yet?

You have to feel empowered to have success.

You have to feel wholeness BEFORE your healing can occur.

I can help you to become familiar with your unconscious states of mind that drive your emotions and behaviors so that you’ll never be “unconscious” again.


It WILL take commitment and work on your end as well, but when you understand the WHAT and the WHY ....the DOING becomes easier.

Disclaimer / Waiver of Liability 

On no occasion should hypnosis / hypnotherapy, or the techniques used within, be seen as a substitute for professional medical advice. Hypnosis / hypnotherapy acts as a complimentary therapy, not an alternative, to professional health care and advice 

should always be sought from your GP or other healthcare provider.

The information, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals depicted.Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others. Client testimonies are voluntarily provided and are not paid, nor were they provided with free products, services, or any benefit in exchange for said statements. 

Information provided is representative of client experiences but the exact results and experience will be unique and individual to each person.

No warranty is given, expressed, or implied, for satisfactory results from hypnosis sessions. 

There are NO REFUNDS.

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