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Look at what's new and exciting  !!!

Since March 19th 2020 (due to Covid 19 ) We have been conducting hypnotherapy services online and have found ……… online hypnosis is just as effective as the work in person - for these 3 reasons ….

  1. Once you begin the hypnotic process, your eyes are closed and you are listening to the hypnotist – So, if that’s the case - It really doesn’t matter if you are listening in the same room or listening remotely.

  2. When you think about it, The change does NOT occur in the room, The change occurs in your head – So, wherever you have your head – We can do the work!

  3. If you were to come to my office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – We would have to have you basically be hypnotized and then pretend you are in the problem situation – In the online session, We can create the change in the environment in which you would like to notice the results. 


Over time, I believe we are going to see more of the live sessions come back – However, this year's changes have opened up new opportunities to effectively work with more client's than ever!


If you are looking for help with depression, anxiety, weight loss, quitting smoking, fears, addictions, self-esteem, etc. 


Give us a call 717-602-5982 and schedule a free live online consultation.


Happy New Year!


Stay Safe!

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